Neo-Terran Front


The Neo-Terran Front clan [NTF] is a tight group of Australian gamers united out of passion for Freespace and hardcore gaming.

We the [NTF] have risen up from the ashes of the smouldering wreckage of the once great Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance (GTVA). The political corruption and corporate greed of its leaders in the High Council has bought about their destruction and has made everything they built to come crashing down.

Through the rubble we now keep to the shadows, lurking in wait for the right moment. Your self-importance and arrogance is transparent and you will buckle. And when you fall in failure at our hand, you'll scream not those fucking [NTF] guys again.


Battlefield 1


Battlefield 4 - Platoon


Battlefield 3 - Platoon: PC and Xbox 360


Battlefield Bad Company 2



Destiny 2 - Clan

Further stats incoming as they become available.

Destiny 1

EnergiserXHoon236OvalScarab54504SewingSky94ChromiumDuckJebbyCStagedLoki91Madsnake Setesh


The [NTF] take no responsibility for the actions or behaviour of our members in or out of game. Although we are fair and responsible players we can’t be responsible for all the little bitches out there that when they have a problem with anyone who is better than them will try to make enough noise for someone else to listen to them.

Any artwork or logos used by the [NTF] are for entertainment purposes only; Copyright to their respective owners.

And finally the [NTF] give a very special thanks to all the dedicated sites and gamers out there that have spent their own free time to make the online statistics we have used freely available.